About Us

Dave has a passion for being on a learning path of awakening, and sharing his discoveries with others. His work is centered on using the vehicle of the breath for the powerful dimension of healing it provides, regardless of ones religious or philosophical orientation.

Dave has a BA in cultural anthropology, and has immersed himself in a number of diverse systems of thought including Jungian psychology,The Diamond Approach, Transformational Breathing, and Tibetan Buddhism. Formerly he was a Senior Trainer with the Transformational Breath Foundation. He lives in Seattle.

David Merrill
My intention:

“I’m here to help you wake up!

Waking up on Planet Earth can be experienced in many ways, through great pain and suffering, through great beauty and joy, through being alone or surrounded by others. Waking up is not an option; it is the highest essential requirement of being a human being.

Waking up means dissolving my view of myself, and of what is possible. It means expanding my horizons and my capacities to respond creatively to all situations in life. It means realizing my own responsibility for healing myself, for enlivening my “presence” in this amazing present moment, and for stepping confidently into my future. It means abandoning a self-centered focus to include working for the benefit of others, and of all beings. It means being responsible for my path, for how I walk it, and for what I leave behind. It means abandoning anger, jealousy, pride, ignorance, and greed, and replacing these with altruistic compassion, love, generosity, and wisdom.

Waking up means unraveling all of the scripts, dramas, and repetitive self-identities which we’ve been busily acting out. This self-generated simulacrum or matrix of what is possible is also our prison which keeps out other possibilities and prevents us from realizing who we truly are.

The opportunity for transformation always occurs by skillful intervention in a present moment, by interrupting the continual flow of habitual thinking and acting. Revelatory shifts can happen.

This is the doorway we’re given.

The skillful use of the breath is one of the most powerful ways
to find the door, unlock it and walk through.”